All of these books and CDs are available for purchase. Please contact David here.


David’s new book of Australian traditional verse Riders on the Wind is now available: 104 pages; 40 award-winning poems plus photos. There is also a CD containing 16 of the poems from the book.

Riders on the Wind - eBook

Riders on the Wind – eBook

Book only: $23 (including postage and handling)

Book and CD: $33 (including postage and handling)

There is also an eBook version available for $9.99.

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ISBN: 9780646473147
A collection of award-winning traditional verse
(Includes a CD of poems read by the author)

Morning Light
A collection of award-winning short stories
ISBN: 978 1 74027 451 7
Ginninderra Press


Simply Poetry! (co-author)
An illustrated book of original poems for pre-school children
ISBN: 0 86458 559 4
Tertiary Press

Gooey Chewy & Other Giggles and Dreams (co-author)
A collection of original poems for children aged 5 and over
ISBN: 09580342 2 2
Kindamindi Publishing


Moving On With Giggles and Dreams (contributor)
An anthology of original poems for children aged 5 and over
ISBN: 0 9580342-1-4
Kindamindi Publishing